High-Average-Power Femtosecond Laser

IMPULSE is an all-diode-pumped, direct-diode-pumped Yb-doped fiber oscillator/amplifier system capable of producing variable pulse energies up to 10 microjoules at user-selectable repetition rates between 200 kHz and 25 MHz. With 20 Watts average power output at 2 MHz, IMPULSE offers more than an order-of-magnitude higher than has traditionally been available in a one-box ultrashort pulse laser design.

IMPULSE is based on a revolutionary new concept in mode-locked oscillator/amplifier technology. The use of a Yb-doped fiber-oscillator/fiber-amplifier design combines the low noise performance associated with solid state operation with the high spatial mode quality of fiber lasers.

IMPULSE is a compact, robust, one-box source of femtosecond to picosecond pulses with the ease-of-operation, stability and reliability you would expect from a fiber source. And all its major parameters are computer controlled, which allow it to be easily interfaced to your industrial workstation or experiment.

Optional accessories include multi-photon photo-polymerization, wave guide writing, micromachining, harmonic generation, and OPA/NOPA wavelength conversion for high S/N and rapid data acquisition in pump/probe experiments.

  • Direct-diode-pumped Yb-fiber oscillator/amplifier design
  • All-diode pumped, all-solid state construction
  • Robust, one-box design
  • >20 Watts Average Power @ 2 MHz repetition rate
  • Repetition rate variable from 200 kHz to 25 MHz
  • Complete computer control and web enabled
  • High beam quality
  • Low noise, cw-pumped
  • High stability and longevity
Performance Parameters
Repetition rate: User adjustable via embedded computer from 200 kHz to 25 MHz (in increments of the oscillator repetition rate divided by a whole integer1
Pulse energy: User adjustable via embedded computer between 100 nJ and 10 μJ (Example: > 0.8 μJ @ 25 MHz, > 10 μJ @ < 2 MHz)
Average power output: User adjustable via computer up to 20 Watts
Pulse width: User adjustable via computer between < 250 fs and > 8 ps
Transverse mode: TEM00
M2: < 1.2 – 1.5 depending on pulse energy
Variation in pulse energy: < 1% rms
Center Wavelength: 1.03 microns

1 Optional pulse picker available to adjust repetition rate in the range of 100 kHz to single shot.

Ideal for:

  • Micromachining
  • Photopolymerization
  • Direct-write waveguides
  • High S/N pump/probe
  • OPA/NOPA pumping