Ultrafast Micromachining Workstation Series (UMW-Series)

Twenty years of experience with ultrashort pulse lasers combined with hundreds of real-world projects and years of processing know-how has led to our latest generation of femtosecond ultrafast micromachining workstations.

The UMW-Series includes everything you need to start micromachining with ultrashort-pulsed lasers. This design benefits from our years of experience learning the right combination of components, performance parameters, and software needed to micromachine materials with ultrashort pulses of light.

The Model UMW-Series provides ample space for custom beam delivery and manipulation, includes a sophisticated machine vision and inspection system, and complete computer control. The software interface uses the industry-standard G-Code format found in most CNC machines, providing powerful and intuitive access to all systems’ functionality including the laser, motion, and machine vision systems and provides advanced intercommunication between them.

Fully-integrated system including:

  • Field-proven laser source technology (CPA-Series or IMPULSE)
  • Multi-axis positioning CNC control system
  • Optimized beam delivery system
  • Computer selection of processing parameters
  • Class I enclosure
  • Integrated, intelligent, on-axis machine vision and inspection system
  • Motion control
  • Pulses “on-demand” (1, 2, … 64,000 at user- selectable repetition rate)
  • Optional Digital and/or Analog IO
  • Granite base mounted on pneumatic vibration isolators
  • User area for beam manipulation/diagnostics
  • Small footprint
  • Designed to fit through 36-inch door

Positioning System

X,Y Axis:
– Maximum Travel: 300 mm
– Repeatability: 0.5 micron
– Accuracy: 1.0 micron
– Orthogonality: 5 arc sec
– Maximum Velocity: 5 cm/sec

Z Axis:
– Maximum Travel: 100 mm
– Repeatability: 1.0 micron
– Accuracy: +/- 1.0 micron
– Maximum Velocity: 5 cm/sec

Note: These values are for the base system. Other configurations are available upon request.

Vision System
Zoom Lens: 12x
Resolution: 1 micron
Field of View: 4 mm
Lighting: LED Ring and Coaxial Light
Inspection System: Pattern recognition, edge location, part rotation, part measurement.
Note: Resolution is for maximum magnification and depends on focusing objective, FOV is for minimum magnification.

Model CPA-Series™, Model IMPULSE™

Class I Laser Enclosure

  • Precision microhole drilling
  • Microcutting
  • Surface modification and structuring
  • Precision Micromilling
  • Ablation
  • Micromarking and Identification