STORC Harmonic Generators

Second and third and fourth harmonics from one compact box! Available for both CPA-Series and IMPULSE lasers.

STORC for IMPULSE laser can be customized for second, third and fourth harmonics to provide two harmonics at any given time for pump/probe experiments such as ultrafast electron microscopy or cathodo-luminescense. STORC for CPA-Series can be used as one of the pump sources ShapeShifter, transient absorption spectrometer.

Can be used to extend the wavelength options of CPA-Series Magellan -Series amplified oscillators and IMPULSE-Series high energy fiber amplifiers.


(All specifications are customizable)

CPA-Series IMPULSE Magellan/Magellan HE
SHG 387nm 515nm 515nm
THG 258nm 343nm 343nm
FGH 194nm 258nm 258nm
Transverse Mode near TEM00 near TEM00 near TEM00
Noise <1% RMS for rep rates >2Hz <1% RMS for rep rates >2Hz <1% RMS for rep rates >2Hz
Electrical/Cooling none none none
Cooling requirements none none none
Polarization Linear, horizontal Linear, vertical
  • Custom configurations
  • Available polarization control
1T. Wilhelm, J. Piel, and E. Riedle, “Sub-20-fs pulses tunable across the visible from a blue-pumped single-pass noncollinear parametric converter,” Opt. Led. 22, 1494-1496 (1997)
  • Micromachining
  • Ultrafast electron microscopy
  • Cathodo-luminescense