Another publication from Prof. Tony Heinz group with Clark-MXR’s Model IMPULSE

Alexey Chernikov, Claudia Ruppert, Heather M. Hill, Albert F. Rigosi & Tony F. Heinz
Nature Photonics 9, 466–470


Control of the optical properties of matter on ultrashort timescales is of both fundamental interest and central importance for applications in photonics. It is desirable to achieve pronounced changes over a broad spectral range using the least possible amount of material. Here, we demonstrate a dramatic change over a spectral range of hundreds of meV on the femtosecond timescale in the optical response of atomically thin two-dimensional crystals of the transition-metal dichalcogenide WS2 following excitation by intense optical pump pulses. Our findings reveal the role of extremely strong Coulomb interactions. At the direct gap, we observe a Mott transition from excitonic states to free carriers, accompanied by a giant bandgap renormalization of approximately 500 meV and the development of population inversion.