Increasing Speed to Market With Innovative Products and Services

Companies with streamlined product development capabilities gain improved competitive advantages with increased ability to predict time-to-market, and allocation of resources for rolling out the product at the right time and place.  Speed to Market product timelines contain four milestone periods: 1) generation of the product idea; 2) complete design cycle; 3) development; and, 4) market launch. Skilled execution of these four stages, coupled with closely managed supply chain resources, ensures that business plans are optimized, and investors' expectations are fulfilled. Effective supply chains demand alliances with partner organizations who can offer uniquely innovative products and services that quickly [...]

By |Jul 31, 2019|

Smarter Internet Of Things Becomes Intelligence of Manufacturing Things

2019 marks a definitive milestone for IoT, largely influenced by the upcoming launch of 5G in 2020. We already know that everything that can be connected will be connected. The next step is to build microscopic IoT gadgets whose design trends require niche-integrated, multifunctional solutions in the shape of different sensors that include connectivity. Mechanical and electrical engineering design trends towards monolithic componentry will be enabled by optimized mechanical and laser micromachining processes that support sensor applications in wireless communications, smart clothes, smart watches, Fitbits and automobiles. [...]

By |Apr 24, 2019|

IMPULSE in Time-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy

Studying Quantum Coherence on Metal Surfaces with IMPULSE+iNOPA High electron density materials elicit an ultrafast coherent response when interacting with light, from sub-femtosecond to a few femtoseconds, which makes experimental observation highly difficult. To meet this challenge, the research group of Professor Hrvoje Petek at the University of Pittsburgh used an IMPULSE laser pumped iNOPA from Clark-MXR, Inc. to measure the quantum coherence of Ag(111) by means of a multidimensional spectroscopy method called Interferometric Time-Resolved Multiphoton Photoemission (ITR-mPP). The coherent nonlinear polarizations investigated in ITR-mPP are directly [...]

By |Apr 3, 2019|

Femtosecond Laser Micromilling Application Examples: Serial Sectioning and Wear-Defect Simulation

Femtosecond laser micromilling, or ablative laser processing, removes material in, virtually, any shape or pattern. Cut widths down to a few microns are achievable and sub-micron kerfs are possible for very thin materials. Femtosecond laser machining enables repeated manufacture of precision components with complex patterns. 3D blind features can be created with depth resolutions within a few percent of the feature depth and resolutions as high as a few 10's of nanometers can be performed on production parts. Serial SectioningApplying ablative, or subtractive, patterning processes to an entire material surface [...]

By |Nov 1, 2018|

Congratulations Gerard!

Clark-MXR would like to congratulate this year's Physics Nobel laureates, Professors Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland for their invention of Chirped pulse amplification and Professor Arthur Ashkin for optical tweezers. For Clark-MXR, this is a joyous occasion as Prof. Gerard Mourou is one of our co-founders and our CPA-Series laser, first introduced in 1992, is named after the Chirped Pulse Amplification technique that Profs. Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland are honored for. We congratulate all three recipients of the Physics Nobel prize and especially our co-founder, Prof. Gerard Mourou.

By |Nov 1, 2018|

Achieving Lower Costs with µManufactured Components and Assemblies for OEM Instrument Manufacturers

THE CHALLENGE Manufacturers of analytical and diagnostic instrumentation have ongoing pressures to reduce costs. Use of ultrafast laser micromachining processing methods, by Clark-MXR, has improved customer's bottom lines by providing new, groundbreaking capability for producing microscopic machined features on engineered components. Clark-MXR's leading edge laser micromachining technology coupled with micromanufacturing expertise, cleanroom inspection and packaging capabilities offer far reaching value propositions for customers. Optical, X-Ray and electron beam-based instruments, such as spectrometers, electron microscopes and X-Ray tools are dependent, in part, on high precision internal componentry that enable [...]

By |Jul 20, 2018|